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ASIA TIMES - Based in Asia, Facing the World

Updated: Dec 26, 2019

Asia Times

Creating an authoritative magazine which belongs to Asia countries, to be detail and in-depth describe Asian current trends, become Asian and global most impactful Asia develop trend bimonthly magazine.

In the 21st century, economy globalization and regionalization trend keep expanding, the process of economic integration in Europe country is accelerating, while North America Free Trade zone expand into a new trend, while Asian country looking for a greater opportunity, it comes with more tough challenge. Asia country have to strengthen the collaboration with other countries, while strengthen the communication and coordination between Asian countries. How do globalization challenge the region, how do the region maintain the economic growth and stable development, and strengthen the coordination and communication becomes the common issue of Asian countries.

“Asia Time” is aiming to become the high-end dialogue platform between Asia and other region government authorities, business and academic leaders, having the discussion about Asia and global important issue. And through the integration of regional economic, promote the ambition of Asian countries to achieve common development.

* Based in Asia, facing the world.

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