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Tan Sri Dr. Aixinjueluo Yuhao JP

√     Prince Royal of Ubud Royal Palace, Indonesia

√     President of West African Economic and Trade Cooperation Association

√     Senior Professor of Horizons University, France

√     Ph.D in Business Administration, InterAmerican University, USA

√     Peace Messenger of United Nations International Week of Science and Peace

√     Principal Consultant, United Nations International Security Organization

√     Chairman of World Peace Council

√     Secretary of International Legal Aid Association

√     Chairman of Asia Economic & Trade Cooperation Council

√     Vice President of United World Chinese Association

√     Founder and Supervisory Director, Laos Construction Bank Limited

√     President of British International Auctions Ltd.

√     Chairman of British Victoria Jewelry Co., Ltd.

√     Chairman of British Duke’s Watch Co., Ltd.

√     Chairman of XinZhongWei Holding Group, Malaysia

√     Chief Honary Advisor of JCI Entrepreneur

Malaysia’s Tan Sri, Justice of the Peace, Dr. Aixinjueluo Yuhao has a rich background in banking, both theoretical and practical. Besides his professional licences as international financial risk manager, international investment analyst, international financial analyst, international financial planners, he also plays important roles in many large international financial institutions. Some of his achivements include being the ambassador for United Nation’s International Week of Science and Peace, the winner of World Outstanding Chinese Award in 2012, and the Chairman of the Board of Lao Construction Bank.


In addition, Tan Sri Dr. Aixinjueluo Yuhao JP won a notable award as Asia’s Most Outstanding Bankers on 15th of November 2015. Due to his rich knowledge and experience in banking, Xinliwang International Co., Ltd. will be able to compete in international markets. Tan Sri Dr. Aixinjueluo Yuhao JP has always priorities great value on education and skills. Over the years, thanks to his unique business experiences, he has been continuosly contributing to academic research. In recognition of his contribution, he was accredited to be a senior professor for Horizons University in France during November 2018.

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