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Chairman of the Board &

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Tan Sri Dr. Chuang Chou-Wen

√     Raja of Ubud Royal Palace, Indonesia

√     Law Graduate of Tsinghua University, Beijing

√     Ph.D. from Columbia International University, USA

√     Ph.D. in Digital Technology, London Business School, UK

√     Ph.D. in Corporate Management, European International University

√     CEO of Deep Digital Dream Foundation, Singapore

√     CEO of XinZhongwei Holding Group, Malaysia

√     Chairman of the Century Digital Technology Corporation, Malaysia

√     Chairman of Garden City University, Malacca, Malaysia

√     CEO of XinZhongwei Real Estate Group, Cambodia

√     Chairman of XinZhanWang Digital Technology Company, Cambodia

√     Director of Lao Construction Bank Limited

√     Director of Laos ASEAN Industrial Park

√     CEO of Xinliwang International Holdings Group

√     Chairman of Xinlida International Digital Technology Co., Ltd.

√     Chairman of the Board, Xinliwang Construction and Development Co., Ltd.

√     Chairman of Xinyuan International Trade Co., Ltd.

√     President of Yaguo Yacht Development Co., Ltd.

√     Director of Tsukuba Hot Pot Chain Catering Business

√     Director of Taichung Water Cloud Flagship Concept Hotel

Born in Taiwan, Tan Sri Dr. Chuang Chou-Wen graduated in law at Tsinghua University, Beijing and certified with International Investment Analyst. Tan Sri Dr. Chuang Chou-Wen is a Chinese businessman, investor, philanthropist, engineer, and technology entrepreneur. He is the Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Taiwan’s Xinliwang International Holdings Limited since 2010. Xinliwang Group's business mainly focuses on cities with great development potential. Through various investment cooperation opportunities, it develops large-scale real estate projects including residential, hotel, retail and commercial properties. More than 20 developments are currently on the rise namely Taichung, Kaohsiung, Nantou, Laos capital’s Vientiane, Cambodia’s Sihanoukville, etc. Since 2011, he was appointed as a director for Laos Asia Studios, Laos Hilton Holding Group, Laos ASEAN Industrial Park, and Laos Construction Bank respectively. In Cambodia, besides being a director for both Cambodia’s GPK Entertainment and Cambodia New Zhongwei Real Estate Group, he is also bestowed with the title “OKHNA” (His royal title).

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