Regional Planning

The total area of ​​the Garden City Malacca is 191 hectares. There are commercial centers, exhibition centers, green parks, residential areas and other properties waiting to be developed. There are many colleges and universities nearby, which is a centrepoint of a large number of students and educators living there. The population is high and concentrated, which is suitable for investment and business development.

A. Commercial Center

1. Types of living package (commercial

    pedestrian street)


2. Shopping malls, duty-free shops,



3. Community medical center/Healthcare



4. Bus/Taxi station


5. Bank street


6. Cafe/Fast food restaurants/Food street

(Image taken online, for reference only)

B. Conference /

     Exhibition center

1. Conference hall


2.  Local culture museum


3. Science museum


4. Education fair


5. Children’s occupational experience indoor playground park

(Image taken online, for reference only)

C. Green Park

1. Symbolic landmark


2. Public park & leisure activity area

(Image taken online, for reference only)

D. Residential Area

• About 4,000 dormitory rooms are

   available for students and educators

   nearby the university/college.

(Image taken online, for reference only)

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