Aim of developing a digital technology fund:

1. To aid potential start-up technology companies to get funding from the seed phase to commercialization stage.


2. To attract more establised business men and venture capitalists to support technology skilled companies fundings, in encouraging more private capital to invest in the creative technology community, especially start-ups


3. All investment returns will be re-invested in international development projects and other international start-up technology companies.


4. New Striving International Digital Technology Fund has always adhered to its convictions in building various projects into regional innovation hubs, creating a favorable environment for innovation, and supporting the needs of the creative technology industry. It will continuously contribute its support and services and promote the growth of the community, to ensure local creative companies can rise to the top among others in the world.


5.We pivot our resources in these five major areas of technology namely biomedicine, electronics, green technology, information and communication technology, and materials and precision engineering. Referring to these five major areas, we are committed to build potential projects into a new generation of science and technology standards and to promote innovation.  This also directly boosts more R&D in developments such as smart cities, healthy aging and robotic technologies which are relevant to public benefits.