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Grand Century Travel & Tour Sdn Bhd

Grand Century Travel & Tour Sdn Bhd

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Grand Century Travel & Tour Sdn Bhd is a travel agency that is well-recognized in Malaysia. The company operates according to the vision of the Malaysian government in achieving the status of becoming an advanced country by 2020. In line with this goal, it aims to achieve tourism and other related businesses into a larger scale of development.

Since the establishment of Grand Century Travel & Tour Sdn Bhd, many travelers have been led all over the world. Marriott Travel has an efficient ticketing system in documenting and issuing for both international or domestics tickets. Grand Century Travel & Tour Sdn Bhd utilizes online system in managing their operations and even owns a luxury tour bus fleet.

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Under an organized management, a group of experienced, credible and multi-lingual tour guides are readily available for assistance. Each of them have extended good relationships and are familiar with the traffic system, hotels, tourism and related industries in Malaysia. Besides domestic tourism market, Grand Century Travel & Tour Sdn Bhd has been receiving numerous visitors from all over Asia as they have also set up teams in various Asian regions. The nature of clientele’s business include incentive travelling, conferences, exhibitions, golf club tours, business trips,etc. Achieving such outstanding performance, they have received the trust from the Malaysian government. They are appointed as the travel agency for Tourism Bureau, which they have hosted tour groups and reporters from all over the world.

Grand Century Travel & Tour Sdn Bhd has always been recognized for its excellent service in both outbound and inbound tourism; particularly inbound tourism, as it has established a network of global customers via their offering for the most attractive travel itinerary with the best rate. Grand Century Travel & Tour Sdn Bhd will be your best choice if you wish to have the most ideal travelling experience.