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Referring “Time” as blueprint, an industry information platform is created for representing the Asian nation.


Creating in-depth and insightful topics revolving the Asia markets and trends will inevitably make this news outlet to become the most influential platform not only towards Asia, but also the world.


Globalization in the 21st century has accelerated the process of economic integration in Europe and the development of North American Free Trade Area, which Asian countries also receive enormous opportunities but challenges at the same time. One way to deal with the challenges caused by globalization is to maintain economy development of the region and to strengthen mutual diplomatic relationship with other countries. The “Asia Times” aims to be the bridge in communication among Asian countries, other continents, governments, business and academic leaders on important issues revolving Asia and around the world. Implementing regional economic integration will significantly contributes to the development in Asian countries.

Based in Asia, this can be a learning platform that encourages discussion and to promote economic exchanges to the rest of the world – a mutual platform among high ranking profiles such as the government, enterprises, experts and scholars, to discuss economic, social, environmental and other related issues. Bringing this group of like-minded people together will expand the network and business economics between both members and non-members.


The content of "Asia Times" mainly focuses on ecological aspect, indicating that the current and future development would revolve around ecology; which is in line with the world economic development trends and an aspect greatly valued by both Asian and international communities. "Asia Times" is also a comprehensive publication that is relevant for each class of people as it touches various topics such as leisure, tourism, knowlegde and exhibition fairs from developing countries.

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