Covered Areas


1. To work closely with relevant government departments in organizing network exchanges between the government of West

    Africa and organizations, especially among East (Alliance) leaders, heads of government bodies, economic and trade

    ministers, and bilateral intergovernmental economic and trade cooperation.

​2. To organize various summits, forums, seminars, conferences, workshops and special exhibitions by inviting ASEAN

    government officials, prominent economic experts, scholars and business leaders to provide consultation to company

    members or West Africa’s other units of corporation such as from economic development, latest international trade

    developments, project investment, etc.

​​3. To organize international level exhange training among entrepreneurs and managers from West Africa and other ASEAN

    countries to understand relevant laws, regulations, trade and investment environment, and notable business development

    strategies; in investigating the development status of bilateral related industries and introducing advanced management

    experience and opportunities.

​​4. To help national enterprises in exploring the West African market by holding exhibitions, conferences and dialogues

    between the formal and governments around the world which is beneficial to coordinate and resolve disputes and issues.

​5. To promote the government policy in support of small and medium-sized enterprises entering West Africa, which also

    enhance both parties’ mutual relationship.  

​6. To release publication of relevant economic and trade laws, regulations, policies, developments and latest information from

    West African countries.


The Eye of West Africa – Gambia


The Star of West Africa – Sierra Leone