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Development of West Africa

Development Plan Of

West Africa Agriculture Industrial Program 


7 Key Agricultural Industry

Development Project

Fresh Produce

1. Staple Food Industry

Focus on rice development, supplemented by multi-functional and high-efficiency dry grains such as soybean, corn, potato and sweet potato. Corn is also one of the important foods for livestock.

Fresh Green Beans

2. Vegetable Industry

Some countries in West Africa are located in the tropics. Economic crops such as vegetables and fruits are easy to grow. The market demand for beans, eggplant, cabbage, melon, tomato and pepper is large, and it can be planted all the year round. The local farm has a large land area and the land rent and labor costs are very low. Introduce new vegetable varieties, expand the planting area of vegetables and fresh fruits, and at the same time invest in deep processing equipment and technologies, such as tomato sauce processing, juice processing, cashew processing, etc., to form industrialized development of planting and deep processing projects.

Crate of Fresh Fruit

3. Fruit Industry

West Africa has abundant fruit production, but suffers from the lack of advanced processing and packaging technology. The fruit industry needs high quality and good processing technology and factories.


4. Animal Husbandry Industry

According to the environmental capacity, the planning of the no-guard zone and the balance of planting and breeding, the total amount of existing aquaculture will be stabilized, and the regional layout and breeding structure will be further optimized. Stabilize the total inventory of raw cattle and sheep, improve production levels; promote the development of characteristic industries, vigorously develop sheep, poultry and other industries, and use rabbits, poultry, bees and other industries to develop mountains and seas; other regions develop characteristic industries according to local resources.


5. Edible Mushroom Industry

Focus on mushrooms, black fungus industry, Flammulina velutipes, and rare edible fungi industry. Mushroom Industry Demonstration Zone. Enhance the development of rare and delicious medicinal bacteria such as Xiuzhen Mushroom, Seafood Mushroom, Big Ball Mushroom, Ash Tree Flower and Hericium.

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6. Herbal Industry

Promote the protection and development of herbal medicine production areas, focus on creating characteristically superior herbal materials, protect and enhance authentic medicinal materials, and cultivate and develop new medicinal materials such as Dendrobium candidum, Ganoderma lucidum, Saffron, Sanyeqing, Huangjing and Baiji.

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7. Marine fisheries / Fishery farming

Two major priorities - first, only inland fishing and aquaculture activities. Strengthen the cultivation of freshwater technology. Second, there are more developed ocean fishing. Strengthen the size of fishermen's security and vessels.