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Development of West Africa

Development Plan Of

West Africa Agriculture Industrial Program 


Five Key Constructions

Enhancing domestic demand and reducing the cost of living

1. Improve the Water Source and Hydraulic

    Power Supply System

According to the growth trend of urban resident population and land distribution, we will coordinate the construction of planting bases, planting training, employment services and community building. Innovate the supply mode of agricultural services, introduce domestic market mechanisms, and expand the scale of purchasing services by countries to achieve diversified development. Accelerate construction of rural drinking water safety, and adopt local centralized water supply, decentralized water supply and urban water supply pipe network to extend rural areas to solve the problem of drinking water safety for rural residents. In-depth comprehensive improvement of rural environment,


implementation of rural clean-up projects, village rectification, rural garbage, sewage treatment and soil environmental remediation, speeding up rural rivers and water environment remediation, and prohibiting the spread of urban and industrial pollution to rural areas. Strengthen the protection and construction of urban water sources and the transformation and construction of water supply facilities to ensure the safety of urban water supply. Strengthen construction of farmland water conservancy facilities and land reclamation, accelerate transformation of low and medium-yield fields and the construction of high-standard farmland.

2. Land Quality Improvement

Planning agricultural land, introducing hydraulic systems, mixing soil quality and setting up plantations, upgrading irrigation systems, purifying seawater systems.

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Irrigation System

3. Knowledge of Agricultural

Strengthening agricultural knowledge requires knowledge from the understanding of land quality, the selection of agricultural samples, and the harvesting of crops.


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Woman in a Field

4. Combine Traditional & Modern

    Agricultural Technic

Encourage agricultural machinery enterprises to develop and manufacture advanced and practical agricultural technology and equipment, promote the integration of agricultural machinery and agronomy, improve the conditions of agricultural facilities and equipment, and achieve a comprehensive mechanization level of about 70%. Innovate the mode of agricultural management, adhere to the basic position of family management in agriculture, and promote the common development of family management, collective management, cooperative management, and business management.

Encourage contractual management rights to be transferred to large professional households, family farms, farmer cooperatives, and agricultural enterprises in the open market to develop various forms of scale operations. Encourage and guide industrial and commercial capital to develop modern farming and breeding industries suitable for enterprise management, and input modern production factors and business models to agriculture. Accelerate the construction of a new type of agricultural socialized service system that combines public welfare services with operational services, special services and integrated services, and develops new agriculture by combining local advantages with foreign machinery.

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5. Grains Food Manage

A. Improve the circulation system of agricultural products


We will make overall plans for the distribution of agricultural product market circulation networks, focus on supporting the construction of important agricultural product distribution centers, wholesale markets for advantageous agricultural products, and strengthen the construction of agricultural futures markets. Accelerate the construction of the agricultural product retail market with the urban convenience vegetable market, fresh supermarkets and urban and rural market.


B. Food distribution and preservation

We will implement the grain storage and supply security guarantee project, strengthen the construction of granary storage and logistics facilities, and develop low-temperature storage, grading and packaging, and electronic settlement of agricultural products. Improve the cold chain logistics system covering all aspects of agricultural product collection, storage, processing, transportation and sales. Accelerate the cultivation of modern circulation methods and new circulation formats, and vigorously develop fast and efficient distribution. Actively promote the "production and marketing docking", "agricultural super-docking" and other forms of production and marketing convergence, accelerate the development of agricultural products e-commerce, reduce circulation costs.

C. Actively produce raw materials for life


Ensuring national food security is an important guarantee for promoting urbanization. Strictly observe the red line of cultivated land and stabilize the area planted with grain. Continue to increase the central government's investment in major grain producing areas, improve the compensation mechanism for major grain producing areas, improve the price protection system for agricultural products, and increase the enthusiasm of major grain producing areas and grain farmers, and produce grain production areas and non-main producing areas. The construction of the county is a high-yield and stable-production commodity grain production base. Actively develop basic food, rice, corn, etc. evolved into aquaculture industry to support the production of cotton, oil seeds and sugar in the dominant production areas, and promote the standardized scale breeding of livestock and poultry aquatic products.