The GAMBIA is a member of the Commonwealth countries, located at the west coast of Africa. It is also a country that has political stability, the most beautiful natural environment and the most favorable economic development in Africa. Possesing rich and fertile soil, manpower, water and electricity resources; the government imposes trade-free international preferential policies such as quota restrictions. Most of the establishment and operation of the political system stems from the British model. The president is elected under an open, free and fair electoral system. It is a government that practices democracy in respecting human rights and the law regulations. In order to enhance the country's economic development conditions, the Gambian government has amended the Nationality Citizenship Law in December 1991 to encourage foreign investment and development, in addition for the latter to receive the same treatment as Gambian citizens.



The Gambia, known as the “smile coast” of Africa, faces the Atlantic Ocean to the west with the Gambia River traversing the whole territory.It is a country rich in wildlife and nature beauty.  According to a study, more than 600 kinds of rare birds, the growth of precious redwood and insects specimens can be found. A data also concluded that about 350,000 tourists from various countries travel to the city every year, which most were from Europe.

This unique country attracts many visitors to enjoy the sunshine, beaches and cultural experiences. In addition, it is also popular during the winter season. Each year, the number of tourists visiting the Gambia can reach up to 500,000 people, mainly coming from the United Kingdom, Sweden and Germany.

With a coastline of 48km, from the capital Banjul to the coasts of Bakau and Fagara, the crystal clear Atlantic ocean is surrounded with soft sandy beaches, plenty of sunshine and breeze; which is certainly the most ideal vacation for these three of baths: sea bathing, sunbathing and air bathing.

The Gambia has vast expanses of tidal flats with natural tropical forests rich in wildlifes. It is the world's largest concentration area for the bird species, kingfisher. As the Gambia River runs through the country, the best way to explore the beauty of Gambia is by boat. From Banjul, you can also traverse along the upper reaches of Masai Sansu and Koina. Not only you get to enjoy the fun of sailing, but you also witness and be infatuated by the infinite charm and natural beauty of this African continent. At the same time, you can visit and explore the culture from other major cities in the Gambia.