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Development of West Africa

Development Plan Of

West Africa Agriculture Industrial Program 


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Three Key Constructions

Create Development Platform,Set Up Technical Institute

1. Create Development Platform

In the future, many investors will enter various agricultural investment projects, focus on key areas and weak point, build an agricultural infrastructure platform, and promote a new platform for “one district and one object” (geographical and coherent development of agricultural industries), and allocate various crop cultivation attributes.


A. Create An "One District and One Thing" for Agriculture


In accordance with the principle of “government guidance, market orientation, overall planning, and step-by-step implementation”, on the basis of agricultural construction, agglomerating resource elements, extending industrial chains, expanding agricultural functions, etc., innovating agricultural production and management, recycling of resources, and cultivating There are about 30 agricultural industrial clusters and about 100 characteristic agricultural strong towns. The overall construction plan is customized, and the construction plan is prepared according to the regional attribute requirements.


B. Deepen the Construction of Agricultural "Coherence"


For the extended lifeline, implement the method of recycling farming to achieve the concept of resource reuse, improve the infrastructure, improve the quality of cultivated land, comprehensively complete the construction task of more than one million mu, and integrate the completed grain production functional zone into the permanent basic farmland. In the demonstration area, strict protection will be implemented to promote the upgrading of farmland infrastructure in the park, promote high-efficiency water-saving irrigation technology, and improve irrigation and drainage capacity and drought and flood protection.


C. Construction of Grain Storage Factory


In accordance with the requirements of “receiving tons of grain and protecting the market”, we will continue to do a good job in building grain production functional zones, build core areas for grain production and ensure food security. Strengthen the improvement of production equipment in the park, supporting facilities such as warehousing and logistics, and improve the level of mechanization, facilities and intelligent production.

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2. Establish of Agriculture Technical Institute

The Centre for Crop Research, the Research Centre for Animal Husbandry, the Seed Museum, the Industrial and Academic Exchange Centre, the docking window for agricultural institutions, etc, and the integration of industry, government, and schools to create an agricultural research technology school, will set up different fields in various regions. Crop technology school.

Trowel and Soil

A. Set-up of Crop Research Centre

Set up schools to collect high-demand crop data, samples, farming methods, etc., introduce a large number of foreign professionals to study the local attributes, find suitable crops and livestock for different areas, strengthen agricultural education and farmers skills training, support agriculture Institutions increase discipline construction and talent team building.

B. Strengthen the Set-up of Agricultural

    Talents and Cultivate Farmers


According to the direction of the government's development, relevant crops are divided into stages, and farmers' knowledge is granted to increase crop yield. This centre focuses on cultivating grain executives and guiding farmers to understand the properties of different crops and application of fertilizers.

C. Cultivate Agricultural Machinery Experts


The teaching of machinery and the basic teaching of agricultural construction will be granted. According to market demand, the industrial chain will be extended, the crop technology department, the animal husbandry and animal husbandry department, the fishery farming department, etc. will be extended to lead farmers' production and management more quickly.

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3. Shared and Linked The Resources


A. Planning Agricultural Spatial Layout

Perfectly to plan in the overall connection of land , road traffic uses, irrigation system planning, resource sharing planning and environmental function zoning, strict permanent basic farmland delineation and use control, so that the area is not reduced, the quality is not reduced, and the use is not changed. To ensure the sustainable development of agriculture. In response to strengthening the construction of agricultural economic belts and sea economic zones, we will establish stable regional cooperative relations and agricultural product supply bases, and open up new space for agricultural development.

B. Link Agricultural Industry Layout


Multi-channel development of food resources, speed up the formation of market demand, ensure supply and agricultural life, ecology and other functions, in the grain production function zone, fully develop the grain and oil industry, increase policy support and industrial development; in modern agricultural parks Focus on the development of leading industries such as vegetables, fruits and edible fungi, strengthen the linkage between agriculture and animal husbandry, and extend the industrial chain and value chain; in the island areas, make full use of the advantages of unique climate resources, excellent ecological environment and obvious local characteristics, and focus on ecological development. agriculture. Make full use of potential resources such as dry land, paddy fields, low hills and gentle slopes, and adopt modes such as inter-cropping, inter-cropping, substrate cultivation, and facility agriculture to actively develop dry grain industry and special breeding industry.


C. Derivative Agricultural Function Layout


Guided by the consumption needs of urban and rural residents, in accordance with the principles of scientific planning, adapting to local conditions, focusing on characteristics and giving play to advantages, we will build a number of agricultural theme parks, rural tourism routes, agricultural complexes and important agricultural products with functions of sightseeing, experience, education and culture. Produce protected areas to meet new consumer needs.