One-Stop Service Centre

We offer tailor-made services not only to meet the diverse needs,

but also to achieve your personal goals.

The limitations faced by film producers in mass production and distribution of film and television is not unfamiliar; however the concierge service provided via The Foundation Asian Film and Television can be a solution to help customers to manage all matters in film and television production.

This one-stop service centre covers all areas needed for filming in Laos, comprising from job visa application, cross-border transfers or payment to contract and legal services. Customers can choose the production services provided by Laos Cube Picture World Studio; or to set up their own company under the support of the local production service platform. In addition, Laos Cube Picture World Studio provides a full range of services to customers in budget management, in order to ensure an unimpeded, efficient and fast production process for the latter in Vientiane.

One-Stop Service Provider

Professional teams and key partners in all areas of productions

1.  A manager is available on-site to be your competent assistance in providing a full range of production services.
2.  A team of bilinguals is available to ensure smooth communication.
3.  Laos Cube Picture World Studio consists of knowledgeable and insightful human resources to recommend

     credible casting companies in search of the most suitable actors for the specific role.
4.  Laos Cube Picture World Studio provides a variety of services and facilities such as high-quality props, attire,

     make-up, background settings, additional materials, etc.
5.  Productions from overseas can employ our recommended local partners to complete the respective production.
6.  Laos Cube Picture World Studio also assists you in contacting suppliers for affordable flight or g

     accommodation arrangements.


Laos Cube Picture World Studio works closely with the customs to assist in smooth importation and customs clearance of production equipment, in ensuring both secured delivery and time-saving for the production team.

Domestic Services

Alternatively, the filming trip can be organized as a vacation. Laos Cube Picture World Studio has recommedations of various types of hotels such as star-rated hotels, standard hotels, boutique hotels, etc., in meeting the different needs of the production team.

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