Laos Cube Picture World Studio

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Laos Cube Picture World Studio - one of the most closely watched projects, with Laos as the key location for this development. Many well-known Chinese film and television industry investors – whether for human resources, national economic growth rate, territorial mechanism, and technology cooperation – are open for infinite possibilities of potential development. Studios in Laos are supported by the new generation of information technology namely the Internet, Internet of Things, cloud computing, mobile Internet, and big data. It is characterized by “digitalized, intelligence, networking, interactive, collaborative, and integrated”. Perceiving, monitoring, analyzing, and integrating such resources will allow the respond to be quick, flexible, and accurate to meet various needs, in creating a green a harmonious environment for the public under a ubiquitous, convenient, and efficient settings for film and television.


Laos Cube Picture World Studio addresses the development and integration between Asia and international’s film and television programs, which enable Laos Cube Picture World Studio’s development and business strategy to retain both tourism and cultural aspect. Utilizing effective and innovative methods namely marketing, products and management, the local film and television scene can be developed rapidly and steadily which indirectly promotes tourism. Constant improvement in the film and television industry and accumulation of cultural resources will enhance Laos Cube Picture World Studio to be a tourist attraction rated with 5A-level of classification where it will become the largest film and television-theme park not only in Asia, but also in the world. In turn, this will elevate Laos Cube Picture World Studio from a simple sightseeing venue to a tourist destination that is vibrant and rich in culture.

Studio Overview ( 3D view ) 

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