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Founded in 2016, Xinzhongwei Capital Holdings Group is a diversified corporation group integrating real estate, construction, manufacturing, investment, trade, import and export, and mining. The headquarters is located in the high-end district of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Xinzhongwei Capital Holdings Group has a huge network with many international countries and trade links in China, Cambodia, Laos, Taiwan, Indonesia and the West African Republic. The group has five major sales companies and more than 30 investment projects and offices in Cambodia, Laos and the West African Republic. The company has real estate consultation centers, financial centers, marketing centers, human resources centers, manufacturing centers, quality testing centers and other departments, which has gained them a wide introduction of world-class projects, technology, and cooperation with international advanced digital technology institutions. The company's unique corporate culture and management system condenses a large number of management and technical teams to seek common development. Thanks to each employees’ hard work and effort, Xinzhongwei Capital Holdings Group has developed into one of the most professional land regulations and construction enterprises. The company currently owns 53 national patent technologies.


Upon many years of outstanding achievement, the company is awarded as the top ten enterprises in business developement and property technology. It is recognized by the both Malaysian Government and citizens as the key support for developing companies. Today, not only it is a key private enterprise in Malaysia; it is an established and advanced company in the creation of many other thriving enterprises in Malacca – known as “the establishment that creates a social atmosphere of creditworthiness and harmony” – and is even a AAA-rated company. Over the years, it is also recognized by various Malaysian industrial developments and Commercial Bureau as a company that honours the value of contract and promise upon passing the standardized good behavior assesment for business. Xinhongwei Capital Holdings Group employs competent CEOs, human resources and other technical and management talents to work and achieve a goal together.

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